Selling the field close to Rose Hill, Bessacarr

Bessacarr ward Conservative Councillor, Nicholas Allen, is fighting Doncaster Council’s proposal to sell off the field close to Rose Hill. Nick opposes the sale of this site because he believes that it should remain free for residents to use and enjoy. The green space is enjoyed by lots of people from all over the local area who use it for lots of reasons including dog walking and jogging.

The field was put up for sale despite numerous objections raised with DMBC last year by local residents. In fact, this has been ongoing for some time and there have been numerous attempts to sell the field over the years. Nearly each attempt was met with significant opposition from residents.

Nick believes it is unfair that local residents were not consulted properly about the sale of this land and he does not want it to go ahead. The lack of adequate consultation was undemocratic and robbed local residents of a chance to have their say early on in the process. Local people deserve a say about development in their area. Thankfully, many local people are aware of the issue and have contacted the council to make their objections clear!