About Us

About us

Doncaster Conservative Federation comprises the UK parliamentary constituencies of Doncaster Central, Doncaster North, and Don Valley.

Our aims are to increase support throughout the two constituencies for sensible centre-right policies and efficient, capable government.

We believe that the communities of Doncaster need a fresh alternative to local one-party dominance by providing a voice to those issues that are important to us all.

The present chairman of our federation is Nick Fletcher.


Joining the Conservative Party

Membership is a very special thing. It is about belonging, contributing, being a part of something bigger, doing your bit to change your world and, in the process, changing the world around you for the better. People like you become members of the Conservative Party because they feel strongly about something – either nationally, locally, or both.

As a member you become part of a team within our local federation and you can engage to whatever degree you like. For many, paying a subscription is enough to feel as though they ‘belong’, they receive their membership card, minutes from meetings and newsletters; they might attend the odd fundraising event, and vote at the AGM.

Some want to get more hands-on by joining the committee, working to grow the federation funds – vital for campaigning; or maybe growing and fostering the membership. Some are more political and enjoy being face-to-face with the electorate, finding out their issues; they might go further and stand for elected office.

Membership is indeed a very special thing. If you feel strongly enough to change your world, join us today, become part of something bigger and change the world around you because Doncaster deserves better.

For more information about joining the Doncaster Conservative Federation and the Conservative Party, visit our Membership page.