Katrina Sale for Doncaster North

Hello everyone, I'm Katrina and I’m honoured to be the Conservative candidate in the 2019 General Election. This election is completely unlike other elections, because we’re not just campaigning for our party and our values (more on that later). We’re also campaigning to bring an end to the Brexit debate once and for all. Brexit is now the most important dividing line in British politics, more important than region, levels of education, backgrounds, ethnicity or anything else. In 2016, 71.65% of Doncaster North voted to leave, and now it’s time they vote Conservative so we can, finally,  get it done and move on!

Once Brexit is out the way we can finally get back to focusing on the local issues that matter to you. As MP for Doncaster North, I’ve got 3 key priorities I’d want to get started on.

  1. Fight the floods. Communities in Fishlake and Bentley have been devastated by the recent flooding, and climate change means that more extreme weather is an inevitability. I would fight to get Doncaster North the defence systems they need to protect their homes and livelihoods, and much needed support when things go wrong.
  2. Supporting small businesses. I’m an entrepreneur and know the day to day struggles of running a small business. Doncaster North is home to a lot of small business owners, contractors and farmers, and making it easier for you to scale your organisations and create jobs is a huge opportunity for the Government and our economy. As your MP I would be a champion for local business.
  3. Invest in our future. I want to work closely with the schools and youth facilities in Doncaster so they can help our young people grow and thrive. Currently Doncaster state schools are performing below the national average. This has to change, and I would work hard to make sure your children were given the best start in life so they can fulfil their potential and do Donny proud!

I have a million other ideas about things I’d like to talk about - but a good MP shouldn’t start by telling you what they are going to do for you, they should listen to what you need. So, if you have an issue you’d like me to talk about during this campaign, please get in touch at katrina4dn@gmail.com and let me know, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Katrina4DN