Don Valley Conservatives Set Out The Way Forward

All over Don Valley Conservative candidates and activists are busy delivering leaflets and talking to voters about the Doncaster Council elections on the 3rd of May 2012. If you haven’t received your leaflet yet here’s where you can find what people are talking about.

Law and Order

Anti social behaviour has no place in our society. Your Conservative Councillor will work hard with the Police and the Neighbourhood Team to clamp down on this blight in our community.


The Localism Bill means that your local community will be empowered to hold councils to account for their management of tax payers money and challenge excessive council tax rises. It will also allow residents to be more involved in the planning process in their neighbourhood.

Council tax

The Conservative led government has allocated a grant of £2.4 million to freeze council tax in Doncaster.  Conservative Councillors have supported this welcome measure in tough times.


The Academies Programme is picking up pace and there are now 5 Academies in Doncaster with a further 5 planned. This means that more money goes directly to educating your children.


Future jobs

At last! After years of delays by the Labour administration this government has allocated the much promised funds to develop the Finningley Link Road and the Inland Port, creating jobs and prosperity.


Conservatives believe in democracy, do labour?

Why did labour Councillors force through a referendum on the Mayoral system when even their leader Ed Milliband thinks it is the best form of governance? This is costing YOU over £100,000, money well spent?